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Post  Brian on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:10 pm

right then i will do a basic write up for now but will do something a bit better as and when i have more time.
basicaly its dead easy dont waste money on getting shops to do it and if you want to try your self and not pay me to do it for you lol you can follow this basic guide.

first of all get your wiring kit. either make one up or buy one already made up. i usualy make my own with better expensive cables.

get your power cable (one with the fuse connected to it) fuse end is going to end up in the engine bay, find a gromet to get power into your car (using mine as an example gromet is behind the battery)
basic amp wiring Wire-gromet

i usualy put a screwdiver in there to make a hole for the cable to go through.

once the cable is in the car and you have enough left over to still connect to the battery, run the cable down the side of the passenger seat under the carpetto the back of the car or were ever your amp is going.
basic amp wiring Power

now that the power is in place you can move on to the next lot.

next find you remote cable and rca cable/s remote being the thin blue one and rca being the cable with two jack plugs on it, now it is recomended that you dont run these with the power cable (causes interferance) i dont run them with it but i do know of a shop that does but not going to say. i run my rca and remote down the drivers side same way as i did power

now that they are ready all you should have left is your earth cable. find the best place with the most metal available, i usualy find that the seat fixings are best. undo the bolt and get some sand paper to were you are going to put your cable and rub off all paint to expose a good spot of metal. tighten up and make sure cable is not loose (loose earth will cause a poor running amp and crap sound quality)
basic amp wiring Earth

now you have all your cables ready for connecting. and now for the easiest bit connecting everything up
(not all pics available at minute)
connect your rca and remote cable at the cd player end
basic amp wiring Rca

connect the cables to you amp, everything should be marked up and easy to follow (i will post pics when i get time to take some)

once you are done in the car time to connect the power cable to the battery, be careful in doing this if like most of the cables i connect you will get a spark and usualy makes everyone jump.

once you are all connected turn on cd player and play around with the settings there and on your amp to get the right sound output for what music you listen to, you may be lucky and get it quick but depending on how piky you are could take some time getting it just right.

enjoy your music and hopefuly this will help you out

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Post  weasle1uk on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:57 am

You can also drill a hole in the bulkhead to pass your wiring through, but you should only need to do this for thick wires and a rubber grommet should also be used.
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