How To: Make your half leather/leather interior look new again

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How To: Make your half leather/leather interior look new again

Post  Razpulsedj on Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:55 pm

Here is a guide i made a while back for 206info which i am a member of

As i was at a scrapyard i came across some gti half leather seats. Upon inspection i came across a lots of scuffs and deep leather scuffs and 1 tiny little rip, the material was all bobbly but i though this would be a good little cleaning project
£40 For front and rear seats was a steal i thought, especially when you see what the outcome of the seats were like

Here i will guide you through how i did mine

Although i used shoe polish, once the seats were done none of the polish came off or marked my t shirt, to test that theory i wore white and rubbed up against the seats and no polish on my shirt Very Happy

Basically this post is just to say that even if something is in a bad state it can still be cleaned up to be looking as good as new Very Happy and how to grab a bargin Very Happy

Drivers Side Seat

As you can see the leather is worn and is showing cracks really badly, this was also due to the seats being sat out in the bad weather in the scrapyard

Left side of seat

Right Side of seat

Rear Bench Seats
This were full of scuffs,mud, and bad signs of wear

Right then to start off with i had the following gear. Click to see pictures(ones in blue)-

Black Shoe Polish
Dusting Cloth
Shoe Polish Brush
Pair Of Your Mums Or Partners Old Tights
Shoe Scuff Cover- All the shoe gear was fromm Tesco
JML Bobble Off
Simonz Handy Wipes
Turtle Wax Interior Cleaner
Halfords Interior Leather Valet

First Off i started cleaning my seats down with the Handy wipes which removed dirt and other loose grime which was stuck to the seats. Once the seats were cleaned i left the for 10 mins just for the moisture to dry up.

Secondly i covered the bad scuffs with Scuff Cover before i applied the polish

Then I then used the shoe polish on the leather of the seats, to do this i used a swirling method which gave the leather a good layer, dont put too much polish on or else it will take a longer time to get off and also take your time with this so that you dont get any polish on your alacantra material. Repeat this process on all seats and leave overnight to set

Meanwhile after doing the polish i then cleaned the alacantra material off the seats. I used the TurtleWax Interior Cleaner on the material which got rid of the dirt from seats. Its a good bit of kit because it has a brush on the top just above the spray nozzle so you spray the foam onto the area you want to clean and then use the brush to pull out the dirt which gace the seats a great cleanup

The Next Day the polish had set so i buffed off the excess polish using the shoe brush which gave the leather a great shine and also the scuff marks and back cracking had completley been hidden and even some had gone!

Next i used the JML Bobble Off to get rid of the bobble and loose threads from the alacantra materials on the seats and i couldnt believe how good it worked, i would highly recommend this compared to a razor

Then i used a pair old old tights and wrapped them over a sponge and buffed the leather which got rid of any other loose bits of polish and gave the leather even more of a shine

Lastly i used Halford Leather Interior Valet on the leather which gave the leather a great shine.

Here is the result. Very Happy

Front Seats

Rear Bench

Thanks for reading guys and i hope this will help many of you out there

Just goes to show that with time and effort you do achieve good things

Razpulsedj Smile


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