FAQ:Are Tinted Windows Illegal?

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FAQ:Are Tinted Windows Illegal?

Post  Razpulsedj on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:06 am

Both the police and VOSA are now stopping vehicles with tinted windows and checking the Visual Light Transmission (VLT) through windscreens and side windows.

If the light getting through is less than is legally required, the driver may be prohibited from using the vehicle until the tint is removed. This means the vehicle may be seized. Motorists who don’t rectify the problem may be prosecuted.

The legal limits for window tinting are a minimum of:

● 70 per cent VLT for side windows

● 75 per cent VLT for windscreens on
vehicles first used after April 1985 and
70 per cent VLT for those first used prior
to that date.

Rear windows can be legally tinted to any level.

But why is tinting not included in the MOT test?

Alan Wilson, head of VOSA’s Testing Standards Policy and Strategy branch advised, ‘Excessively tinted glass is seen as a marginal issue currently affecting a small number of vehicles in relation to the 24 million tested annually. To impose the £300 to £500 cost of equipment on each of the 18,000 garages could be seen as disproportionate in road safety benefit terms. The time taken to test all cars would have to increase and so would the MOT fee, to account for the additional time and investment in specialist equipment.’ For this reason, VOSA has chosen to target problem vehicles at minimum inconvenience to compliant road users.

Original text taken from www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/re...004%20.pdf

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