Autoglym's Aqua Wax

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Autoglym's Aqua Wax

Post  Razpulsedj on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:20 am

Autoglym's Aqua Wax is a product which i highly recommend as i have always used this and its gave great results in half the time of other wax's

It is a fast acting wax which takes half the time and comes with a spray nozzle and 2 application cloths

What you do is wash your car however method you use and then while the car is wet or dry (i prefer dry) apply the Aqua Wax with one of the 2 cloths, buff in a direction and complete the whole car.

Leave for about 20 mins after applied and then use the other cloth supplied to buff the wax in the opposite direction to how you applied. (I usually clean my wheels while the wax is setting)

For the price tag of around £11.99 its ideal to get your car shining in a rush ready for that meet in 30 mins time

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