fiberglass custom dash board

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fiberglass custom dash board

Post  Brian on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:24 am

right then so you got your dashboard and your sat thinking it looks a bit boring well what you need is a bit of fiberglass, lots of people think its hard to use but its dead easy to use and modify with.
so you got your dash or spare dash you want to modify like i did (my old colt)

so you get a dremel or some sort of cutting tool, cut the section that you want to modify, in my case i was putting in a monitor so i cut it to the right width and high that would fit the monitor.

set your monitor inplace and star off using a thin layer of fiberglass using a good strong resin mix so it drys quick so you get your position
(pic missing at the moment)

when you are happy with the position keep applying layers of fiberglass and resin untill you are happy with the way it looks and the shape you want, mine was pretty easy for this bit as it was only a small bit (the other bits i smoothed were a twat)

when you are happy with the way it looks and shape you are ready for smoothing. there are plenty of differant methods of doing this and people find differant ways easier. i personaly find that applying a good deep layer of high buil primer then rubbing back with some wet and dry and keep repeating untill you are happy with the smoothness.
next apply paint or your base layer of paint

after you are happy with that you can do what you like with it by either just laquering it or doing some designs on it in my case i was doing a rising sun design.

as i do some more fiberglassing i will add more write ups and with plenty more pics for you to follow easier



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