Why modify a car and tips on making it stand out

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Why modify a car and tips on making it stand out Empty Why modify a car and tips on making it stand out

Post  Razpulsedj on Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:49 pm

Do you ever find yourself ever being asked by, friends, family, partners ' why do you modify your car?'.

The reason for modifying a car is to take an everyday car and make it into something unique and special to yourself, some people like to spend money on designer clothes (modifying themselves) others like to spend it on hobbies, Modification is a hobby and its a transformation that will catch the eye of the public and if your lucky the eye of a camera lens for the next issue of a car magazine

Its something you can look at and think wow i made that, even if you failed design technology at school or engineering at college, there's nothing more rewarding than having done something yourself from scratch. From a blank cavas to a work of art

Car modification is a big scene with millions of pounds going into it every year and hundreds of cars becoming something special.

A good way to start a project is to not copy someone else, but to think of something which nobody had done yet or seomthing that you havent seen on the same make of car

A good point in the right directon would be games such as Need for Speed and Midnight Club as they offer a wide range of vehicles with hundreds of modifications, this is how i started my modding, just take an idea and get it on paper on in to photoshop.

There are a few pointers to help new modders get started and good luck with your car modifications

And remember If it comes off, modify it!

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